01 January 2013


What makes the marriage of SSD and the RM so appealing is the ease (relatively) of application building. If one specifies a schema, and active components, there is little if any logic that *must* be implemented exclusively on the client. Since the client is disconnected, in typical http driven applications, it can't know what the rest of its global world is doing. It's flying blind. Why would one want to rely on disparate clients (after all, Codd's paper's title includes "large shared data banks") all correctly implementing such logic?

As a New Year's present, a SQL Server (not my current cup of tea) article for generating active stored procs. Note that he references INFORMATION_SCHEMA, which is a standard; this process should work for any compliant engine, modulo SP syntax emitted. I consider this something of a compromise; one could, with more effort certainly, generate the html stream from the schema. There are applications which do that, too.

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