18 July 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Among the sub-themes of this endeavor has been the question of what will replace NAND as the storage media of SSD? No one ever said that Solid State has to be NAND (or NOR, for that matter). NAND is just EEPROM repurposed, and this is the main reason it doesn't have symmetrical R/W performance. Something better would be better.

My first candidate, years ago, was Unity Semiconductor's CMOx. It was always just scant months away from taking over from NAND. Didn't happen, and eventually Rambus bought it. The received wisdom is that Rambus, being more litigator than producer, is intent on asserting some patent vector. We'll see.

So, yesterday's news from Micron that they've gone production on a NAND replacement is noteworthy. Whether Rambus has lost significant ground with COMx is unknown. If you follow through the comments, you'll note that the notion of super better SSD isn't lost. Yummy. Dr. Codd may finally have his revenge!

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