30 June 2011

I'm Just Going Through a Bad Phase

"Phasers on stun", said Captain Kirk. Well he said that just about every episode. Today ComputerWorld reported on IBM's PCM flash replacement. For background on PCM, see WikiPedia, and the article has a link to a much earlier one on PCM.

From the WikiPedia piece:
"PRAM devices also degrade with use, for different reasons than Flash, but degrade much more slowly. A PRAM device may endure around 100 million write cycles."

In the past, I've written about Unity Semiconductor, which has had a flash replacement in development for some years; I found them when I first began looking into SSDs. One way or another, we'll soon have a solid state datastore that is effectively infinite in write capability, just like HDD.

Once again, Oz looks larger and brighter. Be still my heart.

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