01 May 2011

Ruler of All I Survey

There's that old phrase, "master of my own domain", and it is particularly useful in relational databases. While working in the COBOL oriented DB2 world of Fortune X00, I was continually rebuffed whenever I suggested the use of check constraints. I had to sneak them into some of my lesser databases, but that was cool.

In addition to regular check constraints, there is the notion of domains. They're sometimes referred to as user defined types. Here's a Postgres based treatment. Interestingly, Postgres has better support than DB2; PG allows check constraints while DB2 doesn't. Once again, the author's make my point (admittedly, the point made by anyone who takes RDBMS seriously) that control of the data in the database, rather than relying on each application code. Bulk loads, with most engines, enforce constraints so batch data transfers are a breeze. Not to mention that client code can be in any convenient language. And that a smart generator can use domain/UDT definitions whilst doing its thing. I've said that before, I believe.

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I think the link is broken ("Here's a Postgress")