24 April 2011

Was A Cloudy Day

As regular readers know, I've not been a fanboy of anything Cloud.  My reasons are less to do with security, reliability, and other mundane considerations; rather that Cloud represents lowest common denominator (race to the bottom) disk storage.  As a means for storing family vacation photos, well, OK.  I'd prefer to keep those on my own storage, but each to his own.  But Cloud for serious storage, I've never been a fan.  My Yellow Brick Road is paved with SSD running BCNF databases.  Unless, and until, Cloud provisioners recognize that it ain't "about just bytes", I'll pass.  Some times, if it's too good to be true, it ain't true.

Then Amazon jumped the shark.

Here's another take on the situation.  This is from an experienced Cloud provider, of a sort.  As he says, the Fortune X0 have been trying to provide a central storage solution for rather a long time, with little obvious superiority.  It's worth noting that the IBM Service Bureau service goes back to, at least, the early 1960's.  Cloud is neither new nor a walk in the park.  I guess Amazon and its clients now know that.

The Service Bureau (and similar) were able to provide some semblance of service over leased lines.  The notion that TCP/IP, with HTTP tossed in, over normal phone lines is sufficient is, well, immature.  What was that you said?  The Emperor has one fine set of threads.  Yes, yes he does.

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