09 November 2010

Convicts and Cane

If you're of a certain age, or were precocious at a young age, you may be familiar with the following lyric: "In the early part of this century, convict labor worked the cane fields on the bottoms of the Brazos river... Go down old Hannah don't you rise no more, if you rise in the morning, bring the judgment day".

I've no idea whether the Thought Leaders at AMD are familiar with old folk songs, but they've labeled its latest Intel beater Brazos.  The good folks at AnandTech have some details.  While this is a notebook implementation, and not especially pertinent to this endeavor, the graph on page one surely is.  I gather it represents AMD's view of machine development over the next years, and that AMD will have victory on judgment day.

That last curve, for what AMD calls Heterogeneous-Core Era, is Brain Viagra.  "Abundant data parallelism" is what the SSD/BCNF database is all about.  Another step along the Yellow Brick Road.  It will be a fun journey.

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