28 July 2010

Railing at Rails

I try not to perpetuate the Blogsphere Echo Chamber, by merely linking to other's writings, but sometimes the urge can't be resisted. Today is such a day. I don't know Andrew Dunstan, beyond surfing to his blog when it is linked from the PostgreSQL page. Today is such a day. He takes up Hansson's diatribe against RDBMS (not the first or only time Hansson has printed such idiocy), as I have on more than one occasion. Stupid is as stupid does.

I'll laugh out loud when Hansson finally realizes that the database centric paradigm, aided and abetted by SSD's driven by multi-core/processor machines, puts him in the "legacy, we don't do that anymore except for maintenance" bucket. Client driven applications are the New Dinosaurs(tm), just like the Olde Dinosaurs(tm) -- all that COBOL/VSAM code from the 1960's these young-uns think they're way, way beyond and better than.

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