08 February 2010

xml News [Updated 10 March]

I have been avoiding really, really digging into the xml sarcophagous, since I'm such a warm hearted live and let live sort of guy. Well, sometimes. I know I've mentioned that my longest standing connection to blogging/sites is Cafe au Lait. The site is of Elliotte Rusty Harold, which is actually two sites, the other called Cafe con Leche dealing with things xml. While Elliotte was/is primarily a java advocate (and now writing code rather than books for a living, so far as I can tell), he has written both articles and books dealing with xml.

He and I have exchanged e-mails occasionally about xml, mostly me suggesting that he spend more time with real databases. I hadn't looked at Leche for a while, since my bookmark goes to Lait, and Leche is almost always off the bottom of the screen. But today I scrolled down, and found these two stories:

XQuery being slow
Xquery not doing well with errors, not that I'd advocate a java approach in a data system.

Coders still insist that they can build a robust datastore from a foundation of Lawyers' document markup language. I guess they're fans of Sarah Palin, too. And on the subject of xml suprises, Tim Bray is telling us that Oracle has decided to keep him. I've always believed that Larry wants Sun in order to take the last significant market it doesn't own: IBM mainframe clients. How having the onlie begetter of xml motivates that goal? Maybe Tim will have to larn him some relational database. Ah, cruel irony.

Update: Tim Bray announced on his blog that he's resigned from Sun, prior to "integration" in Canada, as a result he says he never will have worked for Oracle. No reason given. You can follow him at: his site.

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Elliotte Rusty Harold said...

Don't confuse XQuery with eXist. There are equally slow implementations of SQL. Nor am I done finished optimizing.