16 May 2017

All Juice and No Seeds

My youth was somewhat misspent, in that I gravitated to activities found with a somewhat older generation. Music, in particular. While my peers were into R&R, I was into modern folk, and especially "The Limeliters". The true folkies hated the modern versions as being inauthentic, and Lou, Alex, and Glenn made much of their living singing in saloons. Big ones, but not coffee houses. They had their last concert on my birthday in 1963.

They reunioned in the mid 70s, and continued in smaller venues with, and without, Glenn for nearly another decade. They got less folkie and more lounge act along the way. One of their signature tunes in the time was "Vasectomy", which deals with the subject you think it does, and has the most memorable lines:
Like a sun-kissed orange,
I've been squeezed,
'Cause its all juice and there's no seed!

Now, comes reporting that your main squeeze will be your phone!
HTC's new philosophy is that smartphones are stagnating: every generation is just a spec update to the previous model, and the only thing that drives the industry is related to new interaction methods and ways of streamlining the use of a device. Hence the squeeze: by holding the U11 naturally and squeezing between the thumb and the other side of the hand, the squeeze action will do a number of things.

Again: read Gordon's book. Whether keeping abreast in the market with a gentle squeeze is the answer, only the customer will tell.

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