27 May 2017

About That Little Dutch Boy

If you're old enough you know the the story of the little Dutch boy
A short story within the novel has become well known in its own right in American popular culture. The story, read aloud in a schoolroom in England, is about a Dutch boy who saves his country by putting his finger in a leaking dike. The boy stays there all night, in spite of the cold, until the adults of the village find him and make the necessary repairs.

Donald J. Quisling keeps yapping about leaks, generally alleging that the "deep state", aka the civil service, is sabotaging his regime. The problem with this is that it's false ("Averages by Appointment Type Through September 2014") that the upper level of civil service is Obama insurgents: on average they pre-date Obama by some years.

So, what's going on? It looks rather simple. The Intelligence Community understands that Donald J. Quisling is implementing an oligarch regime just as Putin did: passing USofA resources to favored private entities. From a national security point of view, that's a tad anti-democratic. The best way to slow that move down is to get rid of Donald J. Quisling, and put the fear of God into Pence and Ryan.

Not to mention Jared consorting with known Russian spies.

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