23 January 2017

Addicted to Big Data

Well, just got back from my dead trees NYT and coffee, and opened up my home page (CBS News), and see this item titled:

A way to predict who'll become a drug addict

So, I says to me self: "just another Trumpista; white uneducated unskilled guy". Well, yeah when I got about half way through came this -
A typical person with a chronic injury who might become dependent could be a middle-aged white male factory worker with a bad back.

Of course, he's just the guy who'll be tossed off Obamacare by King Donald, either explicitly or through the simple expedient of very much higher prices.

Travelers isn't in it to be nice, but to cut costs. Is this a good use of Big Data? May be. Would be good to know what the false positive rate is: how many are "encouraged" to not use opiates but really should be?

Is there some correlation between opioid addiction and Trump addiction? Well....

Of course, the Brits have the gonads to call a spade, a spade
There are strong correlations in most of the key states between a swing in favour of Trump and counties with lower income earners, white population, older voters, people with less education and a greater rural population.

IOW, stupid shit kicking white trash are the government. swell.

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