06 April 2011

Your Diagnosis, Herr Freud?

Just a short note about the new Intel 510/320.  In a nutshell, Intel claims the Marvell powered, sequential biased, 510 is the Prosumer part while the Intel powered, random biased, cap protected 320 is the Consumer part.

This makes no sense at all.  The early reviews, both systematic and informal, say that the 320 is a righteous part.  I'm going to order the 160 gig in a few weeks (or so), depending on whether there're reports of funny business.  Amazon shows two part suffixes: B5 and K5; the AnandTech review is a K5 part, so that'll be the one.  Now I can, finally, get around to running some data (leave the other stuff to the side for a week...) through HDD, G2, and G3 (as the 320 is being called).  Fingers dirty.  Yum.

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