20 April 2011

Not A Cloud Was in the Sky

On more than one occasion, I've made the point that "cloud computing" is really very old hat.  Or, old wine in new bottles.  I came across this interview with IBM honch Steve Mills.

Here is a clip:

Mills: I think that's the number one reason why this is appealing to CIOs. The interesting part about "cloud speak" is that many people want to isolate their discussion of cloud to only certain classes of companies. And my view is that's too narrow. Service bureaus emerged in the 1960s. I mean, ADP is one of the industry's biggest and most successful cloud companies.

Knorr: And earliest, right?

Mills: Yeah. If I'm in the accounting department and I use ADP, ADP is my cloud company.

The "service bureau" is actually older than ADP, and was an IBM invention.  See this search result.

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