06 November 2010

Larry, Larry Quite Contrary

Larry, Larry quite contrary, how does your fortune grow?  No silver bells or core contributions, that's how.  People are such knuckleheads; perpetual Charlie Browns, expecting the football to always be there. 

Regular readers may remember this musing where I made the case that Oracle considered MySql a threat, and would do something about it.  The EU was right.  Here's the latest.  Larry is also reining in java.  My thought here is that he'd just as soon do the same to java as MySql:  a crippled "Open Source" version, and a pay-through-the-nose not so Open version.  Might go so far as make it into the Oracle Language.

Who's going to stop him?  Perhaps IBM, also heavily in invested in java use, will take over the OS version.  They'd have to either fork or prop up Harmony; they've not shown any inclination for either move, so far.  Are the Armonkers dumb enough not to see that Larry is after their mainframe business?  Time will tell, but it sure looks like it so far.

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Anonymous said...

> Are the Armonkers dumb enough

Who knows. Probably not. But I'm always amazed at the scant number of functioning brain cells actually needed to make a fortune.

They may have an asteroid aimed at the back of Larry's head, with a clever Jupiter swing-by plan, or something.

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