23 February 2017

Blood Money

OK, so here's the deal: the drug industry (legal ones, that is) is near the top of the list of noxious parasites on the economy. In recent days, one member of that clan, Gilead, has been getting static from the investor class about its less than stellar financial performance. Gilead is a major player in HIV. It was also the lead participant in HepC; the source of the ~$84,000 "cure", several of them.

That marketing started a few years ago, but revenue has waned some in the last year or two. So the idle money rich are getting irritated. If you watch the TeeVee shows suited to the baby boomers, then you've been Gatling Gunned by the ads showing older, white, middle class boomers who, they are told, are at imminent risk!!!! Go get tested, you damn fools!!!! Oh, and then come get our drug (no, Gilead doesn't name itself, of course).


The Red Cross blood banks test for known transmissible diseases, including HepC since ~1992. Here's what they say:
The Red Cross regards blood test results as private and confidential information. The Red Cross may contact you by letter or call to arrange a counseling appointment, but the Red Cross does not disclose information regarding positive blood test results to anyone but the donor, except as required by law. The Red Cross maintains a confidential list of people who may be at risk for spreading transfusion-transmitted diseases. When required by law, we report donor information, including test results, to health departments, military medical commands, and regulatory agencies. Donation information may also be used confidentially for medical studies.

So, in the end, if you've not shot up with someone else's dirty works and have been a blood donor or been in hospital for some operation since 1992, then you've been told. If not, DONATE A PINT OF BLOOD!!! You'll be doing a Good Deed, and find out if you're HepC positive. All for free.

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