13 June 2016

The Missing Link is Our Saviour [update]

When I saw the first report of MicroSoft buying LinkedIn, I laughed out loud. Fortunately, I am only a "free" member. For as long as that will last once M$ figures out they bought a pig in a poke and need to pay off that $26 billion nut. I'll make a wild ass guess that at least $25 billion of that ends up being Goodwill, aka Good Riddance. During the day, writings on the buy have accumulated, and many are listed on the Yahoo! Finance page. Get rich ($26 billion's worth, no less) selling adverts to the unemployed??? As I type, the majority question the sanity of the buy. No shit Sherlock.

Just had a gander at the last 10-Q, and real assets were $1.1 B and Goodwill was $1.5 B. For all that M$ paid $26.2 B???? Well, M$ has always been good at peddling vapourware, so maybe this is that Bitch called Payback?

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