06 September 2015

Will Quant For Food

You've all seen this picture (or similar), right?

source: bluefinsolutions.com

Now, one of the versions of this endeavor proclaims, "It's the distribution, stupid", which is to say that Eccles' observation of the demand for equality in wealth/income is prerequisite to survival of an industrial/automation society. The current corporate fiat of wage determination is clearly causing the recurring recessions/depressions. If the 47% don't have moolah, they can't buy the widgets being made. Then, of course, there's the Bermuda model: only make financial services for the 1%. If the rest of the West attempts to follow such a model, the only cure is pogroms.

Turns out, some smart famous people agree with me. Ah.
"I think eventually we're going to move to a society that works on different principles, where the state supports people, maybe from taxes that come from the people that own most robots," said Marcus. "They're going to have a different kind of- almost like a leisure kind of life, but I think more people have come to realize that a guaranteed minimum income from the state really is the endgame here."

That "leisure kind of life" one read about in "Popular Science" and "Popular Mechanics" in the 1950s. We'll see.

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