11 May 2015

To Serve R

A post on simple-talk regarding R and SQL Server in the usual R-session through ODBC/etc. connection to SQL Server moved me to comment that the other way 'round would be something to brag about. Not so snarky, but you get the drift. A comment was posted today saying "heard that R will be integrated with SQL Server 2016". Very cool.

And, it's true!!! Well, M$ says that's what's going to happen.
new in-database analytics with R integration.

Not too surprising, given that M$ bought Revolution Analytics, a value-add (semi-)proprietary version of R. The question which remains is whether the integration will run only with RA/R or with OS/R? All things considered, I'll bet (for now) that only the closed version of R will be supported. Still, for the SS crowd, at some price, things are looking up.


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