26 May 2015

Not A Dry Eye in Sight

In the mid 2000's, while at CSC, there came an announcement that the internal data centers (aka, "cloud" before that meme was invented) would be consolidated in Australia. I was aghast. For those who don't follow the Science Channel and such like, the island/continent of Australia is by far and away the most arid populated place on the planet. Moving anything there is silly. Not only that, but Australia was then in the midst of an historic drought, making a dry land virtually desert.

Sound like California? Rather a bit. This piece today consolidates much of the history and response to drought in both places. Or, as I like to call it, "19th century stupidity, meet 21st century reality". Or, as it's been written here more than once, "what would the world be like if everybody behaved like you?" The USofA is no longer a place of infinite resources, to be squandered for fun.

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