19 February 2015

To Your Health

As mentioned here more than once (I'll leave gentle reader to dig out the articles), the notion that Apple Watch would be some sort of groundbreaking health-o-meter have gone up the pipe. This is just one of many precis` of a WSJ story that's behind a paywall. Nevertheless
Apple's original concept for the Apple Watch was one that would track blood pressure, heart activity, stress levels and other functions, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday, citing sources familiar with the device. But none of those features will make it into the final product due to a variety of issues, according to the Journal. Some features didn't work properly. Others proved too complex. And some would have required regulatory approval.

As described in these musings, health functions are measured *under* the wrist where all the plumbing is close to the surface. You do recall that the nurse takes your pulse there, not on top? And that, for most people, the watch is worn on top? It was silly from the get go. Well, unless Apple could harangue God into moving sense points around to suit The Watch.

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