15 February 2015

The Final Nail in the Coffin [update]

Eventually, and today's news indicates that it's arrived, the eventual consistency meme promoted by that knucklehead at Amazon will be seen as that fine suit worn by the Emperor. The NYT reports on yet another bank heist, but the point is:
"We found that many banks only check the accounts every 10 hours or so," Mr. Golovanov of Kaspersky Lab said. "So in the interim, you could change the numbers and transfer the money."

I can't count the number of these knuckleheads who've claimed that bank systems need not be ACID, since banks only reconcile by the end of the day. How very 19th century. Green eyeshade and sleeve garters. Perhaps real-time transactions would help?

Just to be fair, so to speak, I did a quick search to find a knucklehead. First in line was this piece.
If you can fudge the consistency and stay up and compensate for other mistakes (which are rare), you'll make more money. That's the space most enterprises find themselves so BASE is more popular than it used to be.

Don't you just love the admission of "fudge"?? I wonder how much fudge they'd abide if they knew that they'd go to jail if they've left the bank vault unlocked?

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