16 February 2015

My Wedding Cake

One tries to limit the occasions where one says simply, "go read this". But today is one of those days. Read this.

Why? Read this, too.

Taken together, we, yet again, have more ammunition in the battle twixt client hegemonists and the RDBMS crowd. Oddly, the simple-talk piece (seemed) to elicit noise from client coders. Odd, because simple-talk is SQL Server centric, of course. Although it does produce more than a fair share of "coding" pieces.

So, the upshot is this: with 3D NAND, we will have terabyte SSD by the end of the year, my guess (well, we sort of do now, but they're kind of expensive). Mate such with the high-core count, high-memory count motherboards, and for that $10K (and an Organic Normal Form™ database), there's not the slightest need for client fiddling with data. None. As the Holub piece I referenced in one comment asserts:
The maintenance manager is happily sleeping in the back office instead of running around changing ROMs.

Or shipping client updates all over the world, hoping that none of them fails.

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