23 January 2015

Under My Thumb

Since I live in South Butt Plug, CT and grew up in western MA, I'm supposed to cleave to all things sports of Boston. Problem is, I can't stand the B boys of Foxborough. But DeflateGate does offer the opportunity to chime in a bit. So, three points.

1) Both B boys are known control freaks. That Bill never, ever considered ball hardness is laughable, considering that he pontificated at great length on the manners of degrading practice balls. Change pressure to make life difficult, along with the other silliness? He never thought of it? Yeah, right.

2) Tommy boy can tell the difference between 13.5 (which he doesn't like) and 12.5 (which he loves). And never noticed a 2.5 pound drop? Yeah, right.

3) And the officials never caught on? Well, that's entirely likely. If you've watched the refs, you'll note that they don't grab the ball and throw it a la Tommy boy: grip it palm down, over the ball, and throw overhand. They don't. They hold, really cradle, the ball palm up and spin-toss no harder than slow-pitch softball. So, no, they'd likely not notice.

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