23 August 2014

Am I Blue? Yes, I Am

While I dearly love DB2 on LUW, I've been putting off upgrading the editor needed for 10.x. Prior, the Control Center was very easy to use and not too much of an install. This newfangled "Data Studio" is 1.5 gig of download and a java/eclipse beast. A DSL killer. Well turns out, there's a way to get it without using the on-line Install Manager. This post lays it out. One point of confusion is that the repository adding happens off the initial File menu; I spent a couple of times fighting with on-line nonsense. Just fire up the download when Olbermann comes on, go to sleepy sleep, and wake up with a huge gzipped tar file. Talk about bloat?

Still can't, that I've found, use it with PG, of course. Offers up MySql, along with the usual commercial suspects. DB2 has so many dials and knobs in the engine that one can tune (and that none of the others, especially OS, have), that multi-database editors such as AQT and Aqua (haven't used Toad in a while, so I can't say) don't bother to add support for such a small market share database. Too bad about that part, since DB2 really rocks.

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