07 July 2014

My Relationships Have All Dried Up

I've been reading up Hadley's new book in progress, "Advanced R", and the first section on functional programming, and right at the beginning of that section, has this gem:
To prevent bugs and to make more flexible code, adopt the "do not repeat yourself", or DRY, principle. Popularised by the "pragmatic programmers", Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt, this principle states: "every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system". FP tools are valuable because they provide tools to reduce duplication.

"Oh, Ariel, what irony!!" OK, I made up a quote from "The Tempest", but those two words seem to strike a chord when I read that snippet. DRY amounts to saying, "for each of the entity types, code and data, within each type build orthogonally". Yet, by building DRI into a SQL database (as close to the RM as we can currently get), one gets as much DRY as it is possible. Eliminates a tonne of code, too. Oops!! I suppose that's why coders will genuflect to DRY (even if they're non-practicing parishoners), but bring out the knives at any mention of DRI data. Dreadful partisanship.

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