14 July 2014

Fool Me Once

Buried in a Motley Fool piece on IBM's death (OK, it doesn't say death, just implies it) is this tidbit:
To buttress my point, Microsoft inked a deal with Violin Memory in April that will introduce Violin Memory's Windows Flash Array to servers in a bid to speed up popular Microsoft applications. Violin's Flash Array is a 64TB storage array, modified to run Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, and includes RDMA, or Remote Direct Memory Access, and SMB, or Server Message Block, direct on the flash array.

Beta tests carried out on the flash array have revealed performance gains for Hyper-V, SQL Server, and Microsoft VDI. According to Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Brian Garrett, what the two companies have accomplished could have far-reaching implications for the future of flash storage, since it might do away with the need for app servers.

Note the last eight words of the quote. If we can rid ourselves of app servers, we can rid ourselves of ORMs. And if we can rid ourselves of ORMs, we can implement client-agnostic Organic Normal Form™ databases. Yum.

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