10 December 2013

Maker's Mark

They ads say, it's a really good hootch. Could be, but I don't often get shit faced, so I wouldn't know. But in the course of commenting on SA, I wordsmithed (not the first time), so I'll take this opportunity to mark my words.
Thus we have the fabless companies, seeking to avoid [having to make and sell physical chips]. But, of course, someone has to have the fabs. Well, until we're all implanted with The Personality and Economic Function Chip as we slip down the chute. And that fab with be owned by Big Brother (who may be government or RoboCop Corporation; as things stand now, RoboCop is more likely).

The Personality and Economic Function Chip™

Hey, if the tobacco companies can claim dope names, I can claim science fiction names. (And, no, I've never bothered to confirm that urban legend. Were it not true, such would spoil all the fun.)

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