06 December 2013

It's in the Bag

Thanks, once again, to Artima for a precious linked piece. I haven't followed javaworld, on purpose anyway, in some years.

Why this piece? Well, as sometimes mentioned on various versions of this endeavor, I'm a Bermuda-phile. I've only been there once, alas, but I've stayed attached through various on-line versions of its newspapers. For most of the time since universal sufferage (not so long ago as one might assume), the government was of the (generally accepted) black/native party, the PLP. Until the last election, when the (generally accepted) white/foreigners party, the OBA, won election. Since that time, the drumbeat for punishing the lower classes, in particular blaming the lower classes for the oppressive (generally accepted) price level, has gotten very much louder. Never mind that prices on a group of tiny islands (as a child, I was taught that the place was named The Bermuda Islands, not the more common singular of today; it is in fact an archipelago remains from the cone of a volcano) are driven by transport costs and the brutal income skew of those uppity white folks.

Couple that with recent reporting on crime and cost of living problems in the Dakotas' oil patch, and an age old theme emerges.

Which brings us to the techies, which term among the Kiddie Koders is presented as insult.
As the San Francisco Chronicle's Nellie Bowles reports, the word "techie" has become an insult, comparable to being called a yuppie in the late 1980s, only with less developed personal grooming habits.

That quote includes a link to the Chronicle story. But no matter. The javaworld piece is suitably tongue-in-cheek and a bit satiric. And then there's this:
Take San Francisco's Mission District, where cheap burrito joints, secondhand clothing and appliance stores, and mom-and-pop tiendas still abound. The average rental for a one-bedroom apartment there is now nearly $2,700. In South of Market, the former warehouse district where many of these bubble companies are based (full disclosure: as is InfoWorld), rents are approaching $3,500 a month.

One can never be too rich or too thin.

And I'll close this missive with:
They're actually Digital Bohemians and Aspiring Glassholes -- or D-BAGs for short.

I assume that those who created the acronym (or backronym) are aware what a real D-BAG is?

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