27 December 2013

Cheap at Half the Price

An interesting position (not very many, alas, these days) came by. It's at a .org in NYC (yummy!! Letterman four nights a week!). But they say they prefer SAS. Which got me to wondering, yet again, why? This is an old .org with, possibly, some deep pocket benefactors. But, still, why SAS? Coming up with an exact price for SAS/seat doesn't seem to be available on the SAS site (or it is well hidden), but various posters conclude that base SAS plus graphics and such is $15K.

What you get for the $15K, that standard R doesn't give you, is the ability to do RBAR stats from a dumb-pick set of menus. (But they ask for a programming sample? Cognitive dissonance, in the extreme.) BFD. For $15K (or say, $45K for a three year machine), one can have 128G/xeon machine ( here's one for a bit under $12K ). Needs a monitor, and linux is basically free, along with R, and even a decent SQL editor (SQuirreL), although I've bought and used both AQT/windows and Aqua/linux.

I have a suspicion that this .org has an agenda. We'll see.

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