28 December 2013

Apple, My Eye!!

Here's a piece about the new Mac Pro, with this sound byte:
There, Philip Schiller, Apple's top marketing executive, seemed to go off script when, after showing the Mac Pro's striking design, he said, "Can't innovate anymore, my ass."

What Schiller seems to forget, or is too young to know, is that Apple tried this "unusual" design aesthetic game before, and called it The Cube. As Steve said, "steal". This time, Tim is recycling Steve.

And you'd better like it:
With a height of 9.9 inches and a diameter of 6.6 inches, the 2013 Mac Pro has no room for expansion via PCI cards or internal storage devices.

At least The Cube had a real cpu. Bombed like a three-pounds-of-chili fart, though.

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