18 July 2013

Thank God Almighty

As Dr. King said, we're free at last. AnandTech (and lots of other sites) are reporting on Korea and Samsung's new SSD initiatives. You should go off and read up on them. At your favourite site.

However, regular reader should note the list of quotes which open this endeavour, and that the first was the first and always will be the first. It's the most important, even though we're nearly a decade since it was stated.
While this is something relatively new, it is not on the 840 Evo, but as part of the summit today it is worth some discussion. The principle behind NVMe is simple -- command structures like IDE and AHCI were developed with mechanical hard-disks in mind. AHCI is still compatible with SSDs, but the move to more devices based on the PCIe requires an update on the command structure in order to be used with higher efficiency and lower overhead. There are currently 11 companies in the working group developing the NVMe specifications, currently at revision 1.1, including Samsung and Intel.

The first step, really, to file systems which assume flash. By the time we get there, flash may be replaced by some other form of NVM, but I don't think anybody will quibble.

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