06 June 2013

Star Wars Episode 2, The Sultry Framework

Many years ago, in an cubical far, far away, I had the temerity to assert that the (then current) crop of java coders weren't writing java at all, but rather some bastardized framework jargon that included 'class' and ';'. The young-uns were sorely miffed. They acted as if I had called them COBOL coders (well, to all intents and purposes, or intensive porpoises for the miseducated, I had).

Imagine my joy to find a posting which continues that saga. And nearly as pointedly as I have.
I also highlighted the increasing prevalence of "Trojan languages", wherein frameworks present themselves as libraries in JARs but actually require learning new languages to be used effectively.

Which is not to say that I've hopped on the Scala bandwagon. Just another client side data messer-upper language, for my taste.

So while I knew I couldn't collect gold standard data, I decided I could use the momentum from the original blog post to collect at least some data, and some data would be better than none.

Well, not really. Collecting data which, even if (and more so if) the bias is unintentional and therefore unknown. Again, policy always trumps data. We wouldn't still have billions of lines of COBOL extant if data were the basis of decisions. He concludes that Scala tips the scales to the plus side.

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