11 April 2013

Structural Failure

Remember the Tacoma Narrows bridge? It was a victim of unmindful structural deficiencies. Imagine my surprise (not really) to see this story describing the addition of the C struct to java. Just as coders have assassinated Dr. Codd's relational model, with their smart code, stupid data approach, now the coders want to kill off even the appearance of OO paradigm in java.

I suppose it was inevitable. At least in the web app world, java objectification has been executed as "data objects" (just a struct with a bit more typing) and "action objects" (just a function with a bit more typing) for a couple of decades. This is why I've been in the habit of referring to java as just COBOL without the SCREAMING CAPITALS all this time. Turning java into C de jure will just complete the de facto regression.

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