03 November 2012

Danger, Will Robinson

Revolution Analytics, in the person of David Smith, has an active blogging presence; this link is to a recent presentation (yes, toward the end it's a commercial). I've just added a quote from the intro. For the record, run the slides, and note 8. In the database business, in large companies, there exists the not-too-functional marriage of business analyst and data geek. What happens, all too often, is that the BAs have far too much authority. They are in the Danger Zone! Then, of course, have a gander at 24. Sound familiar? One might interpret the imperative as "keep the logic in the data, not the code". That's my point of view, of course. A particular implementation, not mentioned in the presentation, is PL/R with postgres. Postgres isn't mentioned at all (if you don't count databases grown from PG).

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