11 September 2012

I Demand Transactional Immunity for My Testimony!

Intel's slides from the Haswell announcement are at AnandTech, here. One of the more amusing aspects of Intel's continuing CPU evolution is the increasing congruence with real relational database semantics. One wonders whether MicroSoft's integrated file system, cum RDBMS (just like the AS/400 of decades ago), might not be dead; just re-emerging as another Wintel effort? See, slide 14, 16. I wonder how the "eventual consistency" peanut gallery will swallow this?

There's also the ARM stuff; how the RISCy business will put Intel in a bind. Once again, Haswell documents that the real processor inside that CPU is a RISC machine. Has been for years. That Intel hasn't split out the hard core is something of a puzzlement. The knee jerk answer is that Intel has lots of secret sauce it doesn't want exposed.

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