13 September 2012

Filching the Teacher's Apple

Continuing. How, then, to staunch Apple's crusade for world domination? A company run, until recently, by an avowed Buddhist? Somehow, the two can't really be true. But I digress.

You read it here first. Or, at the least, I've not read it anywhere.

The issued "solved" by the 5 is to put a reasonable form factor back into mobile phones, a conclusion not yet realized by mainstream pundits. They're all gaga about the iTunes and such. You do know that you never *own* any of those songs, yes?

What would provide a useful alternative? Well, a flip phone that's still all screen when opened. I believe it can be done. All that's required is a bit of smarter mechanical engineering (my uncle was an MIT ME, and claimed that all problems in products were solved through the MEs' efforts). There are lots of hinges in the real world that match up to within a ten-thousandth's of an inch. Corning would have to figure out Gorilla Glass such that the line between the two plates is a pixel or so. That shouldn't be a big deal. The bigger deal will be the boards. With two part chassis, some volume is required to accommodate the ribbon connector. With the solid phone, board layout is not so encumbered. But it would work out. The convenience of the self-protecting flip phone is not to be ignored.

May be Nokia?

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