22 April 2012

Solid Rock

Here in sunny Connecticut, land of steady habits (well, until the insurance folks dived into the subprime mess), there are classic rock radio stations. Not surprising, since baby boomers run the insurance industry, and the insurance industry (still) runs Connecticut. One of those stations is WPLR; and it's not owned by Clear Channel. CC, by the bye, is a Bain Capital company. Think of that as you will. Not surprisingly, using and writing about PL/R makes me feel like a rock star. Mark Knopfler, may haps.

But just a short note that upgrading PG to 9.1 from 8.4 turned out not to blow out PL/R, so it wasn't necessary to do a rebuild, with all that entails. It is necessary to build PG with plr language support, so a repository drop won't work. Triage continues to evolve. Darwin would be so proud.

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