03 March 2012


We should all remember the story of the three little pigs: one built his house of straw, the second of sticks, while the third built with bricks and foiled the evil, hungry wolf who blew the others' houses down and feasted on a little pig each time. How should a data warehouse be built? To date, the dominant forms are Inmon (straw) and Kimball (sticks). Reality blows them down and eats the database engineer. Not fun.

Some time back, I scribbled a bit about BI, making the case that high NF on SSD would make the various un-normalized stars and snowflakes obsolete. I hadn't found anyone in the mainstream of BI/DW agreeing with me up to then, and let it go at that.

Now, comes this piece, which does come from, if not mainstream at least in the main, BI/DW practitioners. Well, Martha, there appears to be intelligent life in the solar system.

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