24 August 2011


Whilst bloviating on the OCZ message board, I had an epiphany. It follows, including the snippet upon which I was commenting.

-- Maybe the strategy is to sell more consumer products at a low GM so they can increase the brand awareness of OCZ which will help sell more enterprise products that have huge GM's.

Not likely. The Enterprise SSD vendors, modulo Fusion (may be), build parts which are lots more expensive, and generally have bespoke controllers and SLC NAND (eMLC, whatever that might really mean, too).

To the extent that Enterprise SSD goes the route of Enterprise HDD (buy 'em cheap and swap 'em when they crap out), OCZ could best the likes of STEC, Violin and Texas Memory. We're not there yet; whoever figures out how to make a cheap SSD which dies gracefully wins. That may not be possible, given the physics, of course.

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