29 July 2011

STEC Crashes

What's it all mean? Beyond losing a bunch o' cash for those holding (not I)?

It might be a bad thing for BCNF on SSD, but may be not. It kind of depends. According to reports from the conference call, STEC parts are being replaced by its clients (who are mostly storage vendors, not the user enterprises) with cheaper SATA drives and protocol morphing dongles. If true, then STEC's fall, while not good for them, is not relevant to the SSD Revolution.

On the other hand, if this means that SSD is being shifted aside from primary datastore to cache/Tier0/foo, then it bodes ill for my version of the Revolution. In Enterprise, at least. I could live with that. Enterprise has an absolute reactionary tilt; they keep 40 year old COBOL systems alive. Why isn't there a Do Not Resuscitate for dying code?

New systems, from smaller builders, are where the "innovation" will come from. I can live with that. If I never see the inside of a Fortune 500 (as an employee, that is) building, that is perfectly OK.

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