03 March 2011

Something Blue

There's that old saying, "Like father, like son".  The iPad 2 (or is it iPad2??) is out, and AndandTech has a preliminary review up.  In the Conclusion section, there is this:

However, the new iPad does attempt to further blur the line between full computers and tablets, a line that is only going to get blurrier as more Honeycomb tablets invade the market. The iPad still lacks a dedicated keyboard, which will probably always hamper its utility as a content creation device for me, but iMovie and GarageBand join the already existing iWork apps as decent tablet versions of desktop programs.

What is, I guess, slowly dawning on the Pundit Class is that pickable interfaces are necessary for tablet devices.  Such devices can be used as input devices, IFF the data can be displayed in an easily pickable way.  I've always asserted that this simple fact means that a new (set of) widget(s) is needed, along with the recognition that data (as opposed to content) should be normalized at the datastore, i.e. BCNF.  I know that most of the Pundit Class hasn't figured it out yet, but you can't fool Mother Nature. 

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