10 February 2011

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

Another candidate for CUD (doesn't attempt to do Read) from our friends at SQL Server Central.  Nice to know that some people are connecting the dots.

Along similar lines, Cringely has a recent post dealing with the Ken Olsen's, alleged, misreading of the PC movement.  The point being, of course, that Olsen was right (by now; not so much at the time).  We've long since past the point that owners/users of PC's actually write programs for the blighters.  And, no, I don't count Excel or Word macros as programs.  With the rise of iStuff (and competitors), we'll just be using pixelated terminals connected to the Big Host in the Sky.  For those that might be interested, that notion was made manifest in the 1960's.  A more complete history is here.

This really is back to the future.  If only these people knew, they'd save us all a bunch of ulcers.

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