24 January 2011

Passion Fruit

As I've mentioned a number of times, while I've spent the last decade mostly in DB2/LUW, I've done some work with SQL Server, and hang out at the Simple-Talk site.  They have an editorial every now and again, which generates comments on RDBMS generally (usually) rather than SQL Server specific bells and whistles.  The current one is "Passion" (yeah, that's right), and I was moved to comment.  Shown here for your amusement.

I've been hanging around here for a few years, and I sure do view databases (even SQL Server) as a "calling" which is sorta, kinda like a "passion".  All of the places I've managed to find employment have been in spite of this calling, alas.  Perhaps it's different on the other side of the Pond, or with SQL Server centric venues (my main database has been DB2/LUW for some while), but "passion" isn't what's rewarded.

Certainly, the advent of multi-core/processor SSD machines will have a profound impact on how RDBMS applications are built.  The transition just isn't happening fast enough to suit me.

The corporate bent of DB2 does seem to make it more hidebound than other databases; which is such a shame, in that the LUW version is so much better than any of the other databases that run on those platforms.  IBM is truly squandering a major opportunity.

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