31 January 2011

(Not So Simple) Simon Met a Pieman

Oh my. Another emperor's new clothes apostate.  Another O'Reilly cite; they're coming in waves lately.  Who knew?  Anyway, they've just published an interview with Simon Riggs, who heads up 2ndQuadrant, a PostgreSQL consultancy.  I run hot and cold on PG, mostly because I still believe in the locker paradigm, on balance, and that means DB2. 

Here's the quote:

How come CouchDB, FluidDB, MongoDB etc. are so much in the news at the moment?

New things are sexy. Nobody wants to hear that the way your Dad used to manage data is still the right way, in most cases. Especially when it turns out that what you just suggested isn't new at all, and that your Granddad used to manage data that way too before he gave it up.

Ouch!!  I swear I haven't done a Vulcan mind meld with the guy; never met him.  But he's got that sharp tongue I do appreciate.

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