31 January 2011

Game, Set, Match (not the other thread)

Big Data is among the juvenile memes (both in terms of the meme's age, and the maturity of its proponents) out there.  I've been reading Janert's book off and on for the last couple of months, motivated by a scan in my local B&N.  That he has a, shall we say guarded, view of what good Big Data is, led me on.  My interest in math stats goes back to before my dive into RDBMS, and, given the absolute choice to do it all over again, I'd have stayed with stats; if for no other reason than the fact that experience is far more respected there than in databases (hissssss).

Imagine my surprise then to find an article which promotes set-oriented semantics at the O'Reilly site.  There was a time when I worshiped O'Reilly books.  Not so much since he/they went on the meme pimping road; web 2.0 being the most obvious.  Perhaps because web 2.0 has faded, they/he have invented another, data science.  And, as usual, it's code/language oriented for the most part; the irony of this approach appears utterly lost on the group assembled.  Except for this article.  There are two, the one on the site page references the one in the link here, which goes the full monty.  The site page article is a tad more than an executive summary.

I'm not going to sprinkle quotes, since I'd end up reprinting pretty much the whole thing.  Suffice to say, just go read it. 

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