04 December 2010

Tin Man

I've met the Tin Man.  Whilst looking for some MVCC/Locker debate I happened onto a Sybase Evangelist blog.  Kind of like what I do, but he gets paid for it.  Sigh.  May be soon. 

Anyway, this post is his paen to SSD, and this:
How big is your database?? **light bulb** Those same 10 SSD's get you a whopping 300-600GB of storage. You could just put the whole shooting match on SSD and forget the IO problems. Rep Server stable queue speed issues - vaporized.

Be warned, he makes the leap from Amazon sourced SSD to enterprise database storage (he doesn't mention STEC or Violin, for instance, but appears to be aware of earlier Texas Memory DRAM units); not really going to happen, so his arithmetic is off by a decimal point.  But otherwise, he and I are on the same page, especially with skipping the "cache with SSD" silliness, and just storing to SSD.  Schweeet.  And he knows from schmere.

Now, hold Dorothy's hand.

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