27 September 2010

Someday My Prince Will Come

Lordy, lordy, I've found my Prince Charming.  Well, in the sense of a soul mate who understands what's going on with Oracle, and why.  He doesn't delve into the ultimate goal:  the IBM mainframe customer base, but he gets it.

Have a read.  While not a Goldman analyst, only a The Street columnist, he should qualify as a Mainstream Pundit.  I think so anyway.  He's cute.  Got good eyes and nice hair.

The key point is understanding that Cloud is a highly fungible term.  While some define it as a resource farm used by scads of unaffiliated applications (typically, Public Cloud), Larry understands that it just means centralized data and thin (even, dare we say it, dumb) terminals.  Whether the resources are "Public", ala Amazon/Google/FooBar, or "Private", ala XYZ corporate computing infrastructure, it's all about location, location, location.  From Larry's point of view that means an Oracle database sitting somewhere; may be even an Oracle datacenter.  Running all that newly announced integrated applications.

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