22 June 2010

Come the Revolution

Whenever something evil befell my upper lower class father he would pronounce, "Come the revolution, things'll be different". I can't find the original (Pop wasn't that creative), but today's announcement from Intel will do as an early salvo in the revolution.

SSD has gone truly Mainstream, Best Buy stocks them in stores. Mind, only up to 80 gig, but still. I know, most folk will tend toward using them as just faster spinning rust, just as your grandfather used disc as faster tape; that doesn't mean those of us who can push the envelope won't see them as further justification for BCNF datastores. No more of that "but normal users don't have SSD" baloney. Now, they do. Yee Ha.


Anonymous said...

Early XX Bolshevik house style: “Come the revolution and everyone will eat peaches and cream.” (e.g. http://www.taphilo.com/history/quotes.shtml).

Or more typically the sanguinary "Come the revolution, you'll be the first up against a wall" or "the streets will run red with blood".

Occasional whiffs of the phrase in P.G.Wodehouse.

Although I can't quite see why this is apposite for storage which has stopped revolving - "Coming the lack of revolution" comes to mind ...

Robert Young said...

Ah, a connoisseur of word play. The revolution is the replacement of the Olde (rotating rust) with the New (silicon, not alas, silicone).

Wodehouse is about the right era, Pop having been born in 1915. Could be an obscure Mencken-ism. And it was spoken with an accent agglomeration of Yiddish, Russian and German; WWII leaked in a bit, too.