21 December 2009

The Brits Call Them Freshers

Sometimes, reading other sites leads to "Ah, hah!!" moments, sometimes a chuckle, and sometimes a WTF!!! Here we have them all rolled into one.

The "Ah, hah!!" comes from this quote:

A newly graduated developer might perform database operations at the application layer instead of the database layer. This will put the processing on the application and not server. Further, this would also put the database at risk of data integrity issue and receive bad data.

A coder (I surmise) who gets data. How unusual.

The chuckle comes from the subtitle of the site: Simple solutions for complex problems. For those who haven't just fallen off the turnip truck, simple solutions to complex problems are inherently wrong. H. L. Menken is generally credited with the seminal quote, "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong."

The WTF comes from an ad on the site (you might not see it, depending): Web programmers $10/hour. I wonder whether the author of the site even realizes how stupid this is. Pay bottom dollar, get bottom results. Mon dieu.

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