30 November 2009

He Who Rests, Rusts

Google's recently announced operating system to be, Chrome OS, is to support only SSD. Hallelujah?? Well, yes and no. The OS is designed to run on netbooks, with most data on the Google machine at the other end of the wire. Oh, and that's where the programs will reside, too. So, in such a limited venue, supporting only SSD makes perfect sense. The device is therefore fully solid state, and therefifth totally rugged; the most vulnerable part being the screen.

Whether this decision has much impact on SSD adoption at the datastore, not much, I'm afraid. But it does get the attention of OEM's. And to the extent that storage production moves more to SSD by units shipped, and thus lowering the price of SSD's globally, then that's a Good Thing. We, and I count you Dear Reader in that plural, have to educate the Pointy Haired Bosses to the benefit of SSD as a refactoring opportunity, not just as another storage option. Now, let's get out there with the pickets: "Down with Rust!!! Up with Sand!!! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah".

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